Obama imports deadly Ebola virus


Why did our government decide to import two patients with Ebola?

CNN Article.

If you or I had Ebola, or TB resistant to treatment, we would be banned from flying. And we would be arrested if we tried to fly.

In case you want to read the CNN Article.

So, why has the CDC allowed this risk to our country? Do you remember when Obama went to Mexico and everyone panicked nationwide about the Flu?

The Flu?


The Flu kills people who are sick, or have weakened immune systems.

Ebola kills almost everyone.

Any treatment these people can get here, could easily be flown to Africa. These resources could be used to help STOP the epidemic.

So, why are we suddenly going against our laws, our common sense, and standard medical practices?

I understand the ‘compassion’ element of any argument. But, with an 80% fatality rate, and 4 people contaminated who were wearing Biological Suits, compassion should not over ride safety.

The only reason I can honestly think of? The CDC wants to control the virus.

And that sounds like germ-warfare experiments the Nazis did during WW2. And the US and USSR did during the cold war. And Hollywood made billions of dollars from scare movies about viral outbreaks.

Does anyone know why President Obama is allowing this risk to be taken?



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