I must have my welfare check


Sometimes you cannot make up what happens around you in life.

At a WalMart, a lady told the clerk and I that she needed her food stamps. And she was proud of that, “because I work and still need help. And I report everything I make.”


I did the math. She and two daughters get food stamp help. Here in Texas that is about $123/month. (See here).

Times that by 3 people. And divide by $10 per hour. And divide that by 4 weeks in a month. She would need to work at a second job about 9 hours a week to replace the benefits she felt she deserved.

Why doesn’t she feel her kids deserve her working to provide for them?

Why was she with her boyfriend, instead of working?

I really doubt he could not make up the difference. But, if he doesn’t have to make up the difference. And if she doesn’t report the boyfriend, because he is not her husband, then why shouldn’t he allow the government to support her?

Because it is bankrupting the country?

Because her daughters will have to pay for the benefits she took?

Welfare should be short term, no more than a year. And it should not be an enabler, nor should it become deserved.

And it should never be given to the Muslim immigrants that our country is bringing in and not talking about.

What do you think?


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2 Responses to I must have my welfare check

  1. msharmila2013 says:

    Maybe because she feels her kids “deserve” to see her? If she works full time an extra 9 hours could easily completely take over the children’s waking hours. Maybe because she would have to spend more on childcare during that time than the wage she could earn? Maybe because she has already looked for more work and can’t find it?

    What I want to know is why should companies get to hire labour on the cheap because the government is paying part of their living costs? It’s similar in the UK with housing benefit, we are on an income that is above the threshold for housing benefit, and just scrape by on a minimalist lifestyle, whenever we wonder how people on lower salaries do it we realise because the government is subsidising their housing costs – if the government wasn’t doing this then companies would have no choice but to pay the lowest paid more because they literally couldn’t live anywhere near their workplaces otherwise. Either that or they would have to directly provide housing.

    The economy as it stands is reliant on these government subsidies, it would be catastrophic for both individuals and business if they were suddenly removed. Business needs low wage bills, people need food and housing. Shock therapy didn’t work in Russia and it wouldn’t work in the USA.

    • Wayne says:

      I enjoyed your comment, well thought out.

      I am sorry for your situation. I looked at jobs in the UK back in 2001. I decided your cost of living was too expensive. I am a high end computer engineer – retired. But, I could not afford your cost of living.

      Unfortunately, the shock in the US economy was the huge expansion of welfare when Obama took office, I have blogged on that. Rolling back to pre-Obama levels would balance the budget. Reducing the 30% increase paid to welfare recipients to the same level given to retirees over the last 6 years, would almost balance the budget.

      And as you noticed, paying huge subsidies so someone does not have to work, is not balanced.

      We need to fix the employment problem in the US and in the UK.

      Thank you!


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