Why is Russia stuck in Ukraine?


Most reports about Russia’s invasion are missing the key to Russia’s problem.

Ukrainians want freedom, not a return to Soviet beatings.

The murders of demonstrators during Maidan were typical of heavy handed Soviet police operations. Sneak in a couple of trouble makers; blame everyone there; kill, beat, or arrest anyone at will.

No one in Ukraine wants that, except the paid provocateurs.

So, why is Russia stuck in Ukraine?

Because a small number of paid mercenaries will not want to give up their new power.

Think about it.

When Russia quits paying them, they could go back to being Russian Mafia. But, they would have to give up their new titles. Governor, Mayor, Police Chief. They have money, but they have NO legitimacy in their Russian crime gangs.

Going from head of a gang to Governor is a huge jump for them. They won’t be able to steal as much from the people as Yanukovych did.

Yanukovych stole billions, maybe even 100 Billion Dollars according to Japan Times and others.

And that is why Russia is stuck in the mess they created. Opulent wealth stolen from the people by so-called politicians is a Mafioso’s dream.

Only Chicago politics can compete with that kind of theft.

What do you think? Can Russia get out of the mess they created?



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