Progressives overpay government employees


It is so ironic. Here a ‘watchdog’ group complains about how overpaid government contractors are.

Well, in their graph, they overlooked the simple truth: Government employees averaged $140,000 each ….. almost THREE TIMES the average household income. Household income.

Almost 4 times the average employee earns in the US.

I was a ‘government contractor.’ My friend earned $12,000 more a year than I did. And he only worked about 8 hours a week.

The hard working government employees only work about 32 hours a week – they get great benefits. Many of my contractor friends would move from contracting to working for the government because of the pay raises.

So, instead of just complaining, we need to CUT GOVERNMENT PAY …. the average government employee should not make more than two times what the average civilian employee earns.

I am not sure they should earn more than average. All it is is a huge welfare program.

And I think the ‘watchdogs’ and ‘lobbyists’ should all be kept to less than what the average taxpayer earns.

What do you think?


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