Is business Ukraine’s best defense?


I am a traditional American. And I truly believe my family did not live and die to make America the great Capitalist engine of growth it became.

I do believe the great capitalistic engine was a gift from God.

However, I do not think Capitalism is the answer for all problems in the world.

Yet, Ukraine needs Capitalism to protect herself from Russian aggression. So, let me give you some simple answers using a few numbers.

Last year, Microsoft made a profit of $220,000 per employee.

That is real money.

But, the richest man in Ukraine makes less than 10,000 per year per employee.

If he made the same Capitalistic profit (greed) as his American counterparts, he would have over $40 Billion dollars profit this year to spend on fighting Russian aggression.

One year.

One year of profit would be 10 years of average equipment purchases for the US Army (*). $4 Billion a year.

So, take 8 years of equipment purchases ($32 Billion). And use the remaining $8 Billion to pay and train 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers. $2 Billion in pay, $6 Billion for training.

I really do not think Russia could handle a truly Capitalistic Ukraine.

Do you?

(*) Spending report.


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