Why doesn’t the media cover Ukraine?


Maybe you have not noticed, but western media is not covering the Ukrainian Invasion very well, even though there is not a greater crisis right now.

And Russian media is saying the Russians did not actually invade, or send in Special Forces. Even though the forces in Ukraine say they are Russian.

Western media could say the Syrian un-Civil War is a greater crisis. But, they do not report that much any more.


Because American and European people might force their politicians to actually do their jobs and DO SOMETHING ….

Work and responsibility scare our Socialist elite.

And I really do not expect the Russian media to be honest. They are supporting Russia’s almost war. So, why wouldn’t they distort the news?

But, being here on the ground, I can tell you a lot of news is not being reported.

When the Russians attacked Odessa on 2 May, the news did NOT report that the Russians came from Transnistria on many buses. The news did not report that the buses were stopped and refused entry, UNTIL the Chief of Police called the check point and told them to let the Russians into Odessa.

With guns, base ball bats, and other weapons.

You won’t see western news spending headlines on the fact that several bodies in the ‘firebombing’ did not escape, because they had been chloroformed?

Kyiv Post article.

I pray for peace.

Will you join me?



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