Thank you Gunny!


For those of you who have not been around the Marines, in the Marine Corps, a senior sergeant, Sergeant Enlisted Pay Grade 7, is called a “Gunny Sergeant.”

Well, last night, I met a Gunny Sergeant waiting for new soldiers moving to bases here in San Antonio.

We had a great conversation. Yes, he loved Texas and San Antonio, but it was more than that. He was a traditional American. And he told me he did not understand the social change in America.

So, what happened today?

The total opposite. You see, Gunny was ‘African American.’ Traditional. Conservative is what some would call him. I would call him an American.

Today, an African-American drove past everyone at dangerous speed, cut everyone off, hit his brakes hard, and so did everyone behind him.

Out his window he put his arm up and gave an offensive gesture.

One man serving all of US. The other man abusing all of US. One man deserving respect and privilege. The other steeling privilege and endangering everyone around him.

One working hard for what he got.

The other driving a blue Porsche Cayenne.

One I would share a foxhole with, and we would defend you. The other? He needs an early grave.

Thank you Gunny for being what we all really believe in. Yes, there are more users and abusers today. But, there are still millions of Americans who believe in the true American way.

God bless you,

PS …. I am trying to decide if I should post video of the Cheyenne?


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