Can Obama stop Putin?


That is a rhetorical question.

Yes, Obama can stop Putin.

IF Obama wants to do so, he can.

What Obama needs to do is rather simple. Ukraine needs lend lease military equipment; 10,000 soldiers trained; a removal of all tariffs; loans; help eliminating corruption; a massive PR campaign; and more jobs.

And few, if any, Ukrainians should be allowed to immigrate out of Ukraine.


I hate propaganda. But, Ukraine needs a massive PR campaign to stimulate the people to want to change. That is necessary to fight corruption.

I have already blogged on needed equipment and training. Train them about 200 miles from the Ukrainian border, to reduce the threat to Russia. Only allow them released for combat under reasonable conditions. Or, if you prefer, keep the controlled, so they do not start a war, just because they are wanting a war.

Loans are mostly on the way.

Removing the burden of excessive taxation upon the country. Russia, Europe, and the US tax Ukraine. That needs to stop, so Ukraine can afford to recover.


The economy in Ukraine is dependent upon ‘Russia.’ That means when Russia wants, Ukraine grows. When Russia wants Ukraine to stay weak, Ukraine stays weak.

The number one need in Ukraine are good jobs. And that means a strong border control is necessary, so young Ukrainians do not flee for Europe and the US.

Did I miss anything?



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8 Responses to Can Obama stop Putin?

  1. A strong border control is a very good idea! We need it badly in Russia, too…

    • Wayne says:

      A little late for Russia.

      Putin just added 2 million Ukrainians to the list of people dissatisfied with the Russian government. 2 million more inside of Russia.

      That is room for a lot of people to choose from. To help the Chechens and Georgians in their war on Russia ….

      I am glad I don’t live in Russia right now.

      Have Russians started noticing increased violence and terrorism inside of Russia lately?


  2. I guess beauty rules the world; not Obama.
    So it’s up to that European Beauty Lady Ashton (I was petrified by her beauty; as we say in Russia “лицо это зеркало души” – “your face is the mirror of your soul”).
    And it’s up to Vicky Nuland and her cookies….
    So Bandera admirers are safe now in the Ukraine; I don’t think the Yanks have to worry…..

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for posting. You bring up an interesting angle.

      Could beauty win? Ukrainian women have Russian women beat a little in that regard, and both have the edge over western women – don’t you think?

      I have never met any Bandera admirers in Ukraine, much less the real Banderas. And I have never met a Russian who wanted to be part of Russia.

      But, I have met a lot of Communists.



      • Well, I’m not sure about women. You see, it depends….
        Some Western females are fantastic!

      • Wayne says:

        You got me till she-he turned around. I guess you meant the she-he tops some of those Muscovite women?

        Ukrainian women are real women. No hollywood imitations allowed.



  3. This is a very topical issue. Putin must be stopped.

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