Nevada Democrats hate Bundy


Have you heard about the crazy guy in Nevada? Sometimes they say he is in Arizona, because he seems to live on the border of the two states. The government used to let Bundy use what is now government land for ranching.

Senator Reid attacked the guy to take land Bundy was ranching on, so Senator Reid’s son could profit from selling the land.

Well, the story has taken another turn.

It seems Bundy made a stupid statement about slavery and race.

Bundy wondered if people were better off working under slavery than they are not working and being economically enslaved by government welfare.

OK. First, he worded his comments badly. Second, he hurt people’s feelings. Third, he made a valid point, but everyone wants to say his point is invalid, because the truth hurt people’s feelings.

The bottom line is reality. People today on welfare are enslaved economically.

It is not the rich who push the poor people down, it is government handouts that keep most poor people stuck. Stuck without skills. Stuck dependent upon government for just enough to get buy.

And government does that by stealing from other poor people (social security, medicare, and the future children and grand-children they are borrowing the money from).

OK, Bundy was not a good speaker. Bundy might even be an intolerant Democrat. But, we should still forgive him, and move on.

Let US fix the problem that Democrats are using to divide US.

Instead, Democrats get rich by selling US land to the rich Chinese …. Chinese the Democrats made rich under Clinton’s NAFTA ….

It never ends does it.

Do you think Democrats hate the black people they keep stuck on welfare?


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