Why don’t I blog on abortion?


I woke up early – yes, the beast is being nice to me.

And I cooked some breakfast tacos. OK, I actually cooked tacos for breakfast, some might not have considered those to be the actual breakfast tacos that South Texas is famous for.

As I cooked, my mind wondered, and I asked myself, “Why haven’t you blogged on abortion more? You have a solid, and respectable position, so, why not?”

OK. My reason for not blogging on the topic is that it is a very sensitive topic. But, not for any of the obvious reasons.

Yes, I am a man. Yes, my position has a faith based element. Yes, I am traditional. Yes, I am a Texan. Yes, I understand the progressives tell everyone that for those reasons, I am not valid. So, I am supposed to be dismissed.

I get that.

But, that is not the reason I do not share my opinion like so many others do, callously, and without regard to the people involved.

Instead, I realize WHY abortion is here. I realize why it is an epidemic. And it is not the usual ‘birth-control’ option. Nor is it one the misunderstood reasons the progressives program people to believe.

And yes, my reason is fear based. Just as the progressive agenda around abortion is fear based. Why?

Because abortion is about dark deep seated fears we are not supposed to talk about. And because of that, we are programmed to believe it is ok to have abortions, and talk about abortions (if you are pro-abortion), but we are not supposed to talk about the real reason behind abortions.


Fear of those deep dark fears that grip women, and in theory, only grip women.

Not unwanted pregnancy, that is new.

Unwanted sex.

Rape is what it is usually called.

The fear is so deep, you and I, we, are not even comfortable discussing this. Or, so they program US ….

But here were are.

You see, logically, if this was really about freedom to choose, a million women would have moved to Asia and campaigned against the abortion of more than 38 million girls …. they would campaign for girls to be born without stigma.

But, like global warming, they are not serious, so they do not do what is logical.

And the fear lives on in dark corners of our minds and our souls.

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First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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