Woman killed because she called 911


This is a sad story.

A mother, a wife, a woman called 911 to tell them her husband was crazy. He had asked her to shoot him.

Instead of moving to safety, instead of arming herself, she trusted the police.

I am not blaming the police, it seems they followed protocol.

But, I want to point out to you this simple fact.

The government does not protect you from harm, the government responds to incidents, and the government minimizes the cost of responding to incidents …

sometimes that gets citizens killed.

Colorado mom murdered.

So while she spent 13 minutes talking with the 911 operator, her husband got a gun and murdered her.

I think I blogged about this in the past, but I had an incident with my alarm company. The front door would trigger the alarm with the “someone broke in alarm.” So, I called the alarm company, I asked them if they could confirm whether or not there was an intruder or not. Their operator could not.

I said, “This scared the bejeezus out of me. Is there anything we can do to fix this. I do not want to have to go through my house and check to see if there is an intruder.

Their operator told me “Wait for the police and let them do that.”

I said, I would still have to leave my locked bedroom to get to the door to let them in.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t think you should be that scared. The alarm scared anyone off.”

“Well, I am that scared. That is why I got your service, but your alarm keeps alerting accidentally. That is why I am scared, and why I have a gun in my back pocket.”

I won’t go into what the idiot said next. But, the police did not show up at my house. Because the alarm company DID NOT call them.

This woman waited 13 minutes, before she was murdered.

Can you imagine what the police officers who did respond went through? Knowing that had they been earlier, they might have saved her life? Had they even gotten there in the average response time of 10 minutes, they might have saved her life. (Article here.)

Why does our government do this to our people and to our police officers? I believe it is because they do NOT know what to do, they do nothing and lead with weakness instead of strength.

Do you agree?


PS: if you are in an emergency situation, get to safety first, and then call for help. When I called, I was behind a solid wood door, barricaded door. Get safe, then call, then get help. Please not the other way around.

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