Ukraine releases video confirming Russian saboteurs


The Russians are behind the unrest in Ukraine. They are trying to start a civil-war.

The only real question is, are they independent actors, or are they Russian agents?

CNN Interview with Ukrainian Anti-terrorist Officer.

Another reporter in Slaviansk showing Russian equipped snipers.

The equipment, the uniforms, the passports, the ‘militants,’ their commanders?

All Russian.

This is not good for Ukraine, or the rest of the world.

Russian needs to reign in their people. Allowing people to conduct military operations on their behalf, under orders or not, is an act of war.

Bombs, guns, inciting riots, inciting murder, murdering people, trying to start a civil war, these are all actions of a rogue state. A country seemingly out of control. Either Putin is in charge of his people, or he is not.

I can assure you, and Putin, and Obama, you never want your people to become out of control. When the government fails its people that badly, there will be bloodshed. A lot of bloodshed.

All parties need to pull back, and tell the people to calm down.

Unlike the Maidan peace movement, this movement is being run by people who want war.

Everyone needs to tell them, “You are terrorists, we will not support you, we will hunt you, we will not defend you.”

Ukraine lives in scary times.

What can we do here?



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