Russia is carving up Ukraine


From an operational point of view, Russia has encouraged militants to attack Ukrainian government buildings and installations on an almost straight line.

Since the population densities of native Russian versus native Ukrainian people in this area do not run on such a straight line, the only reasonable answer is someone is telling militants where to attack.

This does not make me happy with Russia, I understand that they are conducting a brilliant military maneuver, but, I do not have to like it. Even if I admire what they accomplished.

But, Putin’s brilliance will be overshadowed by the costs of his arrogance. China will want their land back, Japan will want their land back. Georgia (the country) will want their land back. Turkey will want their land back.

And Ukraine deserves their land back.

Furthermore, he has encouraged 2 million Ukrainians living inside of Russia to support the military actions of Islamic militants …. up to and including terrorism.

Historically, that means about .1 to .01 percent of the Ukrainian population within Russian territory may be pulled into active military strikes upon Russian targets. Just as the Russians are encouraging Russians within Ukraine to become terrorists in Ukraine.

Actions have consequences.

Please pray for peace.

Pray for our leaders.

Pray for Russian leaders.

God bless America, and God bless Ukraine.



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