Western powers allow Russian invasion


I do not understand why European and USA leaders are so willing to let Russia continue to invade Ukraine. Why are they so intent upon allowing Russian Spetznaz and former Ukrainian Berkut paramilitary forces start a civil war? Why are they willing to let the GRU start another major war?

This is such a scary repeat of so many Russian failed operations.

I do not understand what is happening.

But, I do know, Europe and the US were not reading Russia properly. They did not think Russia would fight back against their continued social experiment world wide. They really believed that if they became gay, Russia should just become gay also. The believed that if they overthrew enough countries, eventually Putin would just step down.


What would have been the American reaction if Putin had gone around the world, overthrown governments, and replaced those governments with his ‘friends?’

That is the RUSSIAN view of what happened over the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, Ukraine got stuck in the middle. Someone always gets stuck between the two bullies when the bullies say they are going to fight.

And this time Ukraine got stuck.

But, why are western powers allowing this to happen? Why so much talk and no action?


I think Obama wants Russia to cause massive bloodshed, so he can feel ‘justified’ in a counter attack. Forget the fact that many more people would die this way.

Forget the fact that this would probably end up in a major war, maybe even WW3.

Forget the fact that a large number of Russians and Ukrainians would die needlessly.

Remember that we, the US of A, can no longer afford a major war, a drawn out war.

Obama has bankrupted US.

We cannot afford to allow Russia to invade, or start a civil war in Ukraine. We need to keep this war – CHEAP.

And the best way for a cheap war is NO WAR.

Do you think we can stop the war?



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