Chinese pollution drives climate change


For years I have said, “True believers in Global Warming, now Climate Change, would move to China if they really wanted to change the future of our planet.

Well, now BBC says I was right.

BBC says Asia’s pollution is driving climate change in the Pacific and beyond.

I am amazed at how the ‘smartest environmentalists in the room’ cannot figure out simple things like how much more pollution a Chinese factory produces compared to a US factory, and how much more pollution there is in transporting from China than there is from Ohio.

But, I really think the smart environmentalists are not as dumb as they pretend.


Because most of them belong to the filthy stinking rich 1%. They do not pay their share in taxes. They exported American jobs. And THEY CAUSED global warming so they could get rich and richer.

They must be smarter than you and I are. We are not rich.

Don’t you agree?



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28 Responses to Chinese pollution drives climate change

  1. tildeb says:

    Oops… forgot to include the video! Doh! The Ken Caldeira video:

  2. tildeb says:

    Sorry… that should read ‘sea’ level rise and not ‘seal’.

  3. tildeb says:

    Thought you might learn something from this TEDx talk:

    • Wayne says:


      On business maybe, on God and his authority? Not so much.


      • tildeb says:

        This is about seal level rise, Wayne, from climate change caused by human activity. You are denying reality and the evidence it presents by imposing your incompatible religious views on it and pretending you have some equivalent rational basis for your contrary view. You don’t. Your views are irrational and delusional.

      • Wayne says:

        Seal level?

        I’ll correct that for you.

        Sea level rise is historic. Cleopatra’s City is UNDER water. It was not under water when she lived in it. And it was not above water 50 or 100 years ago.

        We have been in a warming cycle since the last ice age – fact.

        There is more ice on the north and south poles now than there was – fact.

        Could CO2 cause problems for us? Maybe.

        But, sending all of those jobs (Al Gore did make that) caused much more CO2 emissions than leaving the jobs in the US – fact.

        So, your ‘heroes’ do NOT care about solving the problem, only about making a crisis.

        And none of that had anything to do with my religion, maybe yours or Al’s, but not mine.

        My views are factual.

      • tildeb says:

        No, Wayne, your facts are (mostly) wrong.

        Sea level rise caused global warming is not simply an extension of a trend but a statistical anomaly always upward at an astounding rate best explained by human caused warming of the atmosphere.

        The warming cycle since the last ice age does not account from the dramatic rise in the past 100 years.

        Unquestionably, the amount of polar ice has been reduced significantly in the past 25 years. Although the north has lost 75%, the south polar region has spread… but the depth is significantly less. It give the appearance of growth because it’s hard to see the thinning except from space.

        There is a very strong correlation between atmospheric CO2 and warming. And we have added a huge amount of it to the atmosphere… enough to vary the ‘natural’ amount by upwards of 3%. Although this sounds small, it’s enough to alter climate significantly.

        But wayne, you know better than the 97% climate scientist consensus on these matters, more than all the scientists who make up the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, more than all the international climate scientists who collated climate data for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, better than the scientists who make up the National Snow and Ice Data Center, better than all the scientists who make up the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicne, and the National Research Council.

        Nope, all these scientists are factually wrong compared to Wayne who has access to the internet.

        Wayne do you even hear yourself? Can you appreciate the extent of your hubris?

      • Wayne says:

        If it was an anomaly, then the anomaly STOPPED 15 years ago.

        Can you appreciate your lack of knowledge? At least I hope it is lack of knowledge.

        Here is a good Forbes article on this:


      • tildeb says:

        No, the Forbes article is cherry picked data that selects the lowest recent data against the highest previous data to make it seem like the trend is down. It isn’t. The overall trend is up. That’s why the hottest ten years on record (and this one is going to be the hottest yet) sit here the (supposedly) ‘cooling’ period.

        Look Wayne, you’re being a sold a denier’s bill of goods that is empty of knowledge value. And you’re buying it in spite of every major scientific organization in the world telling you in no uncertain terms that your denialism is factually wrong, that is based on MISinformation and manipulated data that is cherry picked to falsely represent what is true in fact. Stop listening to Wattsupwiththat and start listening to the climate science consensus. Their message is rather important.

      • Wayne says:

        Cherry picked?

        The DATA is why they want to change the name from “Global Warming.”

        Their predictions all failed.

        Do I want to reduce pollution, “YES.” Does lying to me motivate me, “NO.”

        But greed motivated Al Gore.

        Thank you for your comment.

        PS Haven’t visited Watts in over a year, I think. Nothing has changed.

      • Wayne says:


        As I already wrote above: “Will you join me in fixing the problem?”

        If there is a problem, we should want to FIX THE PROBLEM. Not talk silliness on the internet about who to blame.


      • tildeb says:

        Have I spoken anything about who is to blame? According to you, there is no problem. This is the first problem that must be addressed.

      • Wayne says:


        Pollution must be addressed. It is a visible problem, and is supposed to support your CO2 crisis.

        But, you do not want to fix problems, you do not want a consensus that works on the problem, only a consensus that spreads fear and crisis.

        While Al Gore and his allies get rich off of the crisis.

        Reduce pollution and reduce CO2 emissions …. If you BELIEVED, you would agree. Instead you want me to join you in a crisis NO ONE is solving.

        Thank you again,


      • tildeb says:

        How does Chinese pollution cause the sea level to rise around Florida, Wayne?

        Want to try again?

      • Wayne says:

        So, are you claiming greenhouse gases do not lead to sea levels rising?

        China produces most of the ‘greenhouse’ emissions currently.

        And Florida is SINKING, that is why the Everglades is so big, even though they keep draining the swamps.


      • tildeb says:

        Perhaps this will help your understanding on why scientific authority on climate change is not based on some equivalent belief as what you hold towards your god. nIt has to do with HOW such science works.

        Dismissing the science on climate change caused by human activity is equivalent to dismissing the SAME science on why the screen you’re looking at works to produce these letters and video. But it does work, Wayne… and that’s the bit you’re failing to account for in the reasoning for your dismissal.

      • Wayne says:

        First, it is not the same Science UNTIL the weatherman gets the weather right EVERY DAY.

        Second, Global Warming has been with us for 10,000 years give or take a few.

        Third, ‘climate change’ may or may not be caused by CO2, there are scientists who believe the release of air-conditioning gases is still causing the problem.

        Fourth, IF any of your ‘scientists’ believed in anything they say, THEY WOULD MOVE TO ASIA AND BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION.

        Instead they stay here and cause panic. The US has fallen from 40% of world GDP and pollution to under 18% …. Asia grew.

        Fifth, slowing Asia’s massive CO2 output even a little bit will convert the world from Carbon positive to Carbon NEGATIVE quickly.

        Will you join me in solving the problem (if it is a problem) or not?


      • tildeb says:

        Yes, Wayne, it is the same science because the method is identical. To deny climate change is to deny physics, chemistry, and biology. It is to deny everything built on this model from your car to your computer. It is to deny the identical explanatory model upon which you navigate this life. It is irrational and delusional thinking that suspends the exact same understanding of forces and fields and interactions we use everywhere all the time in order to make room for your special pleading denialism. If climate change caused by human activity isn’t accurate, then the method we use that leads us to this inescapable conclusion as much as it does the screen you are looking at is wrong. And if all of this is wrong, then YOU have to then explain why it seems to work so well the rest of the time outside the cases you wish to privilege (cases that just so happen to offer compelling evidence against cherished beliefs). Unless and until you can do this, then it’s time you paid up with some intellectual integrity and admit that just maybe your special pleading isn’t justified by anything rational but powered wholly and solely with your wishful thinking.

      • Wayne says:

        The method is NOT identical.

        Climate changers do NOT make true predictions, the last 17 years were predicted to warm and they did not.

        According to TRUE Science, the Theory was invalidated.

        All of your personal attacks do not change reality.


      • tildeb says:

        Yes, Wayne, the method is identical. The global mean temperature really is rising and dramatically so. That’s why there have been some 320 months IN A ROW hotter than the 20th century mean temperature. This is what the climate scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does, you dolt: they collate temperature measurements and tell us with consensus that the global temperature is rising and is rising in conjunction with increased levels of CO2. That you don’t want to believe them – believe any scientific organization on the planet because you magically know better – doesn’t mean they are wrong. It may just be – no matter how slight the sliver of chance may be – that you and your contrary beliefs are factually incorrect.

      • Wayne says:

        We put the devices online in the late 70’s. Measurements before that cannot be compared accurately to the current method.

        Current data shows world wide pollution, but does not show world wide temperature crisis.

        But, still you do not want to work together. You only want to prove your mastery, superiority, on the subject.

        I want to lower global pollution by 3% to 6%. It can be done. People, and the environment will benefit. And Al Gore will cry when TRUE solutions hit his cash flow.


      • tildeb says:

        You only want to prove your mastery, superiority, on the subject.

        No, Wayne. I want you to understand that we do have a problem – human caused climate change – before we can even hope to address it in a timely manner.

        Ken Caldeira explains why we need to recognize the problem first and then what it will take to solve it. And, believe it or not, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Al Gore getting rich and everything to do with making better government policy.

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment(s).

        As I wrote above: “Will you help me solve the problem?”

        Or is this about changing my mind?


  4. tildeb says:

    Pollution – meaning airborne particulates – are only small part of climate change. It’s the rising CO2 levels that is the driver of human caused climate change.

    And your assertion about environmentalists being the 1% to make money from climate change is delusional. Seriously, medically, psychologically delusional.

    • Wayne says:

      Actually, Al Gore IS the 1%, and Al Gore IS the cause of climate change, he created Climate Change after his creation of Global Warming failed, which was just after he created the internet …. turning off snide remarks …


      Over 60% of the 1% are progressive elitists, but they tax other people to re-solve their carbon emissions, and tax other people to pay for their programs.

      And when the programs fail, government programs almost always fail, they blame something else, and experiment again.

      Global Warming is CO2, Climate Change was shown in this article to be the result of POLLUTION.

      And I have said for years, moving the pollution base (and MONEY) to Asia was not in the interest of the US of A.

      That is why they talked about Global Warming first, EVEN when they KNEW global warming was a hoax. It took China 20 years to catch up and surpass the US in CO2 emissions. Now that they have passed US, the progressive elite moved on to a different problem. It is now a pollution problem.

      And now China pollutes too much, and they produce too much CO2.

      It is a never ending cycle. But, had Al Gore gone to China, he would have FIXED something …. And gotten filthy stinking rich ….

      Don’t you want to send Al Gore and all of his cronies to China?


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