China with illegal guns has more than the US

A recent criminal bust in China has pointed out what gun rights proponents have always said, “Making guns illegal will mean that only criminals have guns.”

Well, I would correct that to ‘criminals, cops, and presidents.’

I will show the article, and then to make up for the pain I am in, I might rant a little bit, before I get to the takeaway.

BBC Article.

Over 10,000 assault weapons, including a BUNCH of machine guns, over 120,000 illegal weapons.

Once smaller city, out of hundreds of big cities.

This would be like Fort Worth, or Indianapolis making a huge gang bust. And surprising even Chicago.

Were they planning a war? I do not know, but they had enough weapons to arm a US Infantry Division and an extra Battalion. Minus the vehicles.

That was a lot of war fighting capability – and I would note, almost all of the assault weapons are not legal in the US, and even our criminals do not usually have machine guns.

I think the takeaway from this is at least two fold.

First, the US system works much better than most people realize. Yes, our media could paint the picture better. But, even with all of their negative description of guns in America, most police officers welcome armed citizens.

Second, China, and much of the rest of the world, is much more violent than the US is. Our media glosses over the reality. But, the reality is there. We live in a very violent world. And the US is well above average in the quality of life that we get to live.

And I would add a third take a way ….

Guns do not make the American fabric of life. Guns are not what make US American instead of our being Chinese. Neither is the English we speak. But, guns are a byproduct of our greatness. Not as toys like most of our computers and smart phones. But, guns are a byproduct of freedom loving people who are ready to defend that freedom.


Guns are the byproduct of criminals as well, criminals who want to control people.

But, for US, guns are the byproduct of mostly freedom loving Americans ready to defend our country from the enemies living in this world.

God bless America, for just as long as He will bless US.

Don’t you agree?



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