Russian LTC takes command of Ukrainian Police


It just gets crazier and crazier in Ukraine. It is now a proxy fight between Ukraine (backed sometimes by the Western Powers) and Russian forces (they are already in Ukraine).

Sadly, western powers and countries are ignoring the problem they helped create.

Just like unemployment, excessive outsourcing of American jobs, over-taxation, underperforming congressmen, Syria, Libya, Egypt, the explosion of single-mother homes, the problems children face when they are forced to grow up with out fathers, AND all of the other progressive failures we have experienced over the last 70 years — Ukraine is being forgotten.

If there is a success, the progressives scream it on the front page of every news show.

But, their failures just rot in place.

The US encouraged the regime change in Ukraine, yes the old guy was corrupt. Yes, the old guy had a great relationship with Putin and hated Obama – big deal.

When will we support the people we have failed?



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