Russian Para-Military forces in Ukraine


Russians in new uniforms have taken buildings in Ukraine.

It looks like Russia is preparing for another invasion.

Russian with new equipment.

Ukraine calls emergency defense meeting.

I am praying for peace.

Will you?


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2 Responses to Russian Para-Military forces in Ukraine

  1. Leo says:

    This is really trust ??? Please don’t believe all you see in CNN, search more information about it, tell why USA and OTAN are inside Ukraine ? Why don’t do anything when military forces attack people in Ukraine, now they are with Occident ???

    • Wayne says:


      Why trust CNN?

      Trust the Russian news. They show the pictures. Russian troops are inside of Ukraine.

      The NEW Soviet is in power.

      Putin and the New Politburo have moved quickly. They have outsmarted Obama. When Obama lost, Ukraine lost.

      Will the Russian people win or lose under the New Socialists (Fascists)?


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