Raising money for the Ukrainian military


Ukraine is outclassed and out-financed by the Russians. Some of that is the Ukrainian mafia, but a lot of that has been Russian planning.

Ukraine is to Russia like Mexico is to the USA. There is always talk of taking care of Ukraine by Russia, but Ukraine always gets the lessor deal. Mexico does slightly better when trading with the USA.

But, we can help. We can help with money.

Kyiv Post Article.

Ukrainian Military Crisis Fund.

Can you help?



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2 Responses to Raising money for the Ukrainian military

  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Wayne, I am an Ukrainian woman married to US citizen and I live in California. I am deeply concerned about what happening in Ukraine right now and i started to search websited for raising money for Ukrainian Army and people here in America. I am pretty new to all this online staff, i have a question, did you succeed in your post and what is the feedback, are people willing to help it in general? my husband and I are constantly transferring money to Ukraine but i thought would be nice to attract more funds.
    Good luck in what you are doing,


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