Russian Nazis seize Ukrainian buildings


I was asked, and here is the picture.

Russians give fascist salute in Donetsk.

This is from: Kyiv Post.

So, we have a masked man, man with glasses looking like he is holding an automatic rifle, and a man giving the Nazi salute.

They look like the people who caused problems in Kiev and in Crimea.

So, who is behind the unrest and the invasion?



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9 Responses to Russian Nazis seize Ukrainian buildings

  1. I’m beginning to like this dialog.
    I’ll tell you a very sad thing; there are millions of people living in Russia now who don’t speak Russian at all. And their children don’t speak Russian, either. And they are not going to learn it.
    Sure thing I do speak Russian and read it as well.. I even understand Ukrainian; it’s real fun now!
    But coming back to the Russian Nazi in black; I don’t see any.
    I’m really intrigued as it looks like some sophisticated censure on the net (like people logging from America and Russia see different photos).
    Would you please tell me the number of the photo with the Russian Nazi?
    I followed the link once again but didn’t find any.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Wayne says:

      Now this could get interesting ….

    • Wayne says:

      This just got interesting.

      They removed the photo. The man on the left had Я русский on his t-shirt. It was about 6 photos down ….

      “1984” has come to life in the US as well as Russia.


      And yes, many people in Russia will never learn Russian. And I wonder what Russia will do with them now? It will be very difficult to keep control of several different ethnic groups who no longer trust you.

      Especially when several of those groups are several million each – I know the Ukrainian population in Russia is rather large, and spread out.


  2. Hi!
    I don’t think that’s a Nazi salute; the men don’t look like Nazis at all.
    The Nazis in Ukraine look like this:

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you.

      The guy in black has the words written on his shirt, “I am Russian.”

      But, you should be able to read Russian, so you know that these ‘Nazis are Russians.”


      • I beg your pardon, which guy?
        Did I overlook something?
        Let’s check it…
        Pic. 1 Svoboda’s Oleg Tyahnybok doing a Nazi salute.
        Pic. 2,3,4 John McCain with Oleg Tyahnybok
        Pic. 5 Victoria Nuland, Oleg Tyahnybok and the company.
        Pic. 6 A peaceful Maidan protester .
        Pic. 7 More peaceful Maidan protesters.
        Pic. 8 Ukrainian Neo-Nazi skinheads.
        Pic. 9 SS and UPA Nazi collaborators and their supporters in 2006 in Ukraine.
        Pic. 10 The same photo of peaceful Maidan protesters.
        Pic. 11 Peaceful protesters are beating Ukrainian police with clubs.
        Pic. 12 Ukrainian neo-Nazis burn flags, while white power flags are flown throughout the crowd.
        Pic. 13 Ukrainian neo-Nazi football thugs.
        Pic. 14, 15, 16, 17 Ukrainian neo-Nazis.
        Pic. 18 Svoboda’s Oleh Tyahnybok at a ceremony in 2009, celebrating Stephan Bandera, Nazi ally during the WWII, whose organization massacred Jews and Poles, now rehabilitated in Ukraine as “a patriot” and “national hero”.
        Pic. 19 Svoboda march together with UPA and other nationalists to the memory of Nazi ally, Stepan Bandera, Kyiv 2011.
        Pic. 20 Torchlight procession in Kyiv, devoted to birthday of Stepan Bandera
        I guess that’s all…
        By the way, do you mean to say that if you have “I’m Russian” written on your shirt, you are a Nazi by definition? That’s what our liberals usually say.
        I don’t deny that there are Nazis in Russia, but what has it to do with the events happening in Ukraine now?

      • Wayne says:

        So, you live in Russia, but do not speak and read the language?


        But, thank you for the comment.


  3. Is that a Nazi salute? I thought the Nazi salute was with the hand stretched out.

    • Wayne says:


      Great question. The Nazi salute involved any forward straight armed salute. If I remember correctly, lower ranks saluted chest high or higher, and lower ranks saluted downward.

      I am not certain the guy intended it to be a Nazi salute, or if this was an accident, but he sure looks like the guys who were at Maidan and causing trouble.

      Thank you for visiting.


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