Russian troop build up near Ukraine


It is difficult to know who is telling the truth when both sides are playing the great game for a new century.

But it would appear Russia is massing soldiers and equipment along Ukraine’s eastern border. CNN Article.

Russia is currently ready to invade Ukraine with only 24 hours notice.

With Russian troop concentrations and paramilitary (terrorist) buildup within Ukraine near Russia, it looks like Russia is ready to invade at any moment.

I think the United States and Europe played too much spy guy stuff. I still think that led the Russians to invade Crimea.

But, I do not see Russia’s invasion as legal.

But, this situation does not make me comfortable.

How about you?



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2 Responses to Russian troop build up near Ukraine

  1. Andr says:

    Please tell us better about American Invasion into Yougoslavia, Iraq, Libia…
    Do you like it?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you,

      No. I did not like those mistakes.

      Do you like the American occupation of Yugoslavia? Or American support for overthrowing Libya?

      With Putin, I have written, Putin is responding to the West. I think he is wrong, but the West is not dealing with this very well.

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