BBC propaganda about Ukraine


I will start with their link, BBC News.

Then let me walk through their data and point out the obvious errors.

They first pointed out that former President Viktor Yanukovych got filthy stinking rich. That was true.

Then they pointed out the International Monetary Fund wants to loan money to Ukraine, and it will be expensive for Ukraine. That was true.

Then industry is lagging behind other countries, true.

BUT, Russian gas is NOT SUBSIDIZED. Russia charges Ukraine almost twice as much for gas as what they charge Germany, and the Russian Gas goes through Ukraine. Yes, the Ukrainian Government subsidizes gas prices to keep them in line with European prices for the people.

Then they say Ukraine is poor, that is true.

They say that farming is a big part of Ukraine, that is true. But, they did not point out that Ukraine does not get the same fair prices for their farm products as other countries get.

Both Russia and Europe (and even the USA) tax Ukrainian products …. unfair competition.

They say 44% of the economy is not taxed, it is underground. You know, I hear that all the time.

But, I live there, and there is not much of a ‘shadow economy.’

I also lived in South Korea, and I can still take you to ‘shadow markets’ in Seoul, and it has been almost 20 years since I lived there ….

Show me the shadow economy. SHOW ME.

Then explain to me why Ukraine is unfairly taxed by Europe? And China and Russia are not.

Who is your friend?

Then the article begins to talk about hypothetical fixes in Ukraine.

OK, why? Why the propaganda? Isn’t Russia supposed to be the propaganda side of all of this problem?

Why is a ‘respected’ news source like the BBC involved in blatant propaganda?

Does anyone else have an idea?


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2 Responses to BBC propaganda about Ukraine

  1. Andr says:

    Wayne, think better yourself.

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