Why do Gays persecute Christians?


You may have heard that the CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign. He was fired.


Because, he supported Marriage. The traditional Christian form of marriage.

Brendan Eich forced to resign. Ironically, they did not mention if he was Christian or not.

I heard, or read, someone comment that gays are persecuting Christians because of centuries of ‘persecution’ of gays by Christians.

OK. I know of no one who has ever ‘persecuted’ gays, much less Christians who persecuted gays. I do know of many normal people who have been attacked by gays. As I have written, I was attacked. Fortunately, I was not brutalized as so many are when they are attacked by gays.

Why is this hatred ‘OK?’ Why are the straight people attacked, when most studies would indicate that many more homosexuals are attacked by other homosexuals?

Do you think it is ok for gays to persecute Christians?



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