Obama admits ‘twitter’ is used to attack countries


This is one of those news articles you expect, you wonder why it wasn’t reported years ago, and you wonder why our government is involved in so many anti-American activities.

BBC Article.

The US government developed a software program to function like twitter in Cuba. At one time, there were 400,000 subscribers to their software. Just like they did in Egypt, they were trying to overthrow the government.

Twitter Revolutions.

USAID involvement in Arab Spring.

Arab Spring was funded by CIA activists. And they trained ‘activists’ on how to use software, even illegal software.

Obama funded $800 million to fund the Arab Spring unrest.

I am still amazed that I round that last article. The Obama Administration has been removing links related to their funding of unrest around the world.


I think two things. First, democracy should be local, not externally manipulated for other people.

Second. If the US government does something, it should not be done in secret.

How about you? What do you think about the US government overthrowing governments around the world?



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