Did My Blog Really Just Go Viral?


Here is the power of control that the people at WordPress exercise over all of US.

And when I pointed out their obvious use of power, they locked my account for almost a year.

From 25 to 40,000 views in one day, and probably his followers were doubled, if not even more. Why? Because the godlike reviewers at Word Press decided he was not too Christian, enough to make them look like they supported fairness in Religion. But, not enough to make them uncomfortable with that Jesus thing.

It would be nice if Jesus was not an offensive story to be told. Then we could have 20 Christian bloggers each day on the Freshly Pressed hall of fame.

Instead, the list is full of profanity, anti-Christian literature, and occasionally a decent Christian is thrown a compliment.

I wish the world was better than this. Don’t you?



Thimblerig's Ark

My mouth is continually hanging wide open.  This blog typically averages about 25 hits a day.  And in the past twenty four hours, I’ve gotten over 40,000 visits.  All because of my innocently posted article, “What’s Wrong with Christian Filmmaking?“.  My mind has officially been blown wide open by all the people who have come here and read my words.

I want to use this mind-blown opportunity to set aside the topic that interested so many people – just for a moment – and testify to the goodness of God.

It’s kind of long, for which I hope you’ll forgive me, because of the whole mind-blown thing.  Here goes:

FINALI finished writing Thimblerig’s Ark in December, and immediately started trying to find literary representation.  At the same time, I was planning on leaving my teaching job in China to return with my family to the U.S. after fifteen…

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