Darwin was a Christian


I find it amazing at how few atheists realize how many ‘atheists,’ ‘scientists,’ ‘evolutionists,’ and even ‘communists’ believed and do believe in God.

So, let me walk back through that list.

I live in Ukraine part time, the greatest Communist war hero from WW2 asked to be buried in a Christian ceremony.

Contrary to … Zhukov’s last will for Orthodox Christian burial, and despite the requests of the family to the country’s top leadership, his body was cremated.

Is there a greater evolutionist than Darwin, the author of “The Origin of Species?” Darwin wrote many great quotes about God and our Creator. This one is often missed by evolutionists, “There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one …”

Let me now combine the last two groups of people with words from another great man, scientist and often claimed atheist, Einstein. Einstein wrote some of the greatest quotes on the subject by any man, Christian, Jew, Atheist, or Agnostic.


“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.”

And Second,

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

As a student of God, Science, and Faith, I am always amazed at the ignorance of so many, the prejudice of the so-called majority, and the propaganda of the few.

No true student of Evolution can escape the preponderance of scientists who believe in a Creator.

No true student of Faith can escape the preponderance of knowledge in the world around us which points towards a natural process.

I personally believe that God did create the heavens and the earth, whether he took 24 hours to create, or 13.7 billion years is a minor point in the reality of what God has done. God has created a Universe so magnificent and so grand, that if we had all of eternity left in our lives, we could never tire of discovering and reporting more and greater discoveries.

What do you think Created the Heavens and the Earth?



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4 Responses to Darwin was a Christian

  1. tildeb says:

    I previously quoted Darwin himself (who, I think is a pretty good source for saying what he believes):

    We know that Darwin ‘transitioned’ over his life away from belief in God from his autobiography. Though “very unwilling to give up my belief”, he found that “disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct.”

    From the same source, we know that he thought “The old argument of design in nature, as given by Paley, which formerly seemed to me so conclusive, fails, now that the law of natural selection has been discovered.”

    Now, you simply ignore this contrary evidence and then make a post like this one. By doing so, this tells me either you will ignore whatever facts don’t comport with your beliefs (and pretend they don’t exist) or you think lying by omission is fine if it’s pious. Which is it, Wayne? Are you intellectually dishonest or simply a liar for Jesus?

    • Wayne says:

      You are a liar. Is that the best you can do?

      Would you make up YOUR mind. Which one is it? Darwin was not competent enough to make up his mind, or he was competent to state what he believed?

      Which is it? Lunatic, or sane? Which was your version of Darwin?


  2. Aimer Shama says:

    Beautiful. But do keep in mind that these people had a rather open mind when it comes to religion. If you get more Einstein quotes, you’ll see him saying he believes in the possibility some creator but not one in particular. In any case, It is amazing we both thought to chip in with our two cents at the same time, I wrote on the same exact topic an hour ago.

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