America land of the free?


When did the elite 1% progressives change “America land of the free” into “America land of perpetual war”?

Why are they spying on the citizens, even after they used that threat for a campaign slogan?

Why are they overthrowing government after government?

Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Russia claims that the US overthrew Ukraine’s government.


When I met Ambassador Stevens he was PRO-WAR, this stupid war, the stupid war that got him killed.

OK, technically, I did not meet him, he was never introduced to me, but his friend I did meet, and that guy was a total HITLER YOUTH FASCIST …. But, he was on the payroll of the US State Department, so he got to decide that it was ok to start a war in Libya.

Why does this make me angry?

Because, Libya murdered American Soldiers. BUT, had I killed Qaddafi, just him and no one else, I would have been in jail for life, or executed.

But, it is ok for the US to kill millions? In my name and in your name?

NO WAY! It is not OK

for the elite to lie to US, murder foreigners, import millions of illegal Muslims, abort black babies so they can eliminate the Black American, tax US into non-importance, so they can pay WELFARE to economically enslave the masses ….

But, we moved from America land of the Free to America land of the perpetual war machine.

How do we vote them out of office and start over?

Do you like what is happening in the US now?



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