What makes a person Gay?


For years we have been told you are born that way.


I disagree. First, there is NO DNA evidence. Second, the twins study has fallen out of favor. And the twins study should have shown genetic disposition.

I will note that because there is no DNA evidence, they now want us to believe in epigenetics (*).

Third, I grew up being called gay, because I liked dolls and pink.

Why did I like dolls and pink, well, pink is a diluted red, and I LOVED red. The reason for loving dolls is simple, girls like dolls, and I LOVED girls.

Because of the pink stigma, I began to like blue more than red.

But, what are we told? We are told that people are born that way.

OK, simple facts around the discussion are always ignored.

If there is a genetic cause for homosexuality, history has shown that to result in less than 1% of a population becoming gay.

So, why are people now claiming 5% to 10% of our population is gay? If the source is genetic, or pseudo-genetic, why is the claim 10 times historic rates?

Because there are other factors which cause homosexuality.

The two leading correlations between being gay and being a human are: (1) early onset of sexual activity; and (2) coming from a broken home.

The first one includes early use of pornography, and childhood rape. These groups of individuals have always had a much higher percentage of children growing up to become gay or bi-sexual.

In the second group of children, there is a longing to be accepted into a loving relationship.

As I have written before, I was grabbed on a couple of occasions by homosexuals, I went through the natural response of “Was it me or them that caused this attack?”

I studied the professional literature.

And honestly, I am surprised that the gay agenda has been able to convince so many people that they are ‘born this way.’

Could some be born that way?

Maybe, but less than 10% of the total.

So, what about the other 90%?

If you believe some are born that way, what do you do about the other 90%?

What do you do about the other 300% to 1000% who are assaulted by the homosexual agenda? I was almost a victim, instead, God protected me, and I am a survivor. What do you do about and for US?

What do you do for the 3 times to 10 times as many young people being assaulted and raped today by homosexuals?

Do you just throw them away, because the inconvenient truth does not fit what you want reality to look like?

It is one thing for so many of our young people to be attacked. But, it is outrageous for them to be blamed. It is outrageous for them to hear that this is ‘natural.’

If it was natural, then homosexuals would only mate with homosexuals.

What do you think?


Why is everyone turning Gay.

Be Gay or be attacked.

Gay Agenda attacks freedom of Religion.

USNews maybe 60% of Priests are Gay.

Vanity Fair, between 20% and 60% of Priests are Gay.

The Scientist: there is no data showing epigenetics causes homosexuality. Ironically, the same article mentioned the reason for the idea epigenetics causes homosexuality is because there is no genetic link.


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2 Responses to What makes a person Gay?

  1. mommyx4boys says:

    i think that homosexuality is a choice based on different things children and people see and hear growing up. for example my cousin is a gay male and he grew up watching his father do what was righ,t he saw his father trying to keep the family together and his mother running around on him. . so i think to him it seemed like if he wanted a loving relationship it would need to be with another male. because from what he could see by watching family women were sleezy

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      I like that. Your comment fits with the data much better than the idea that ‘we are born that way.’

      Thank you


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