The 15 World Top Websites in Alexa Ranking


Do you ever think of writing? A novel? A blog?

Here is a great resource for you. Savvy Writers has a lot of information about getting your brand together and getting word out about your brand.


Savvy Writers & e-Books online


Alexa Ranking

., the web information and measure company, let you know the traffic relation between your website / blog and the rest of the almost one billion sites worldwide. At you can search by country, by category and global. As lower your ranking is as better. Check out your own site: Just go to and type in your blog or website.

Why is the Alexa Ranking so Relevant? 
Website ranking, as a concept, is stressed as an important component of search engines, particularly by Google themselves. Sites with higher Alexa Ranks become more likely to attract potential advertisers and/or marketing offers. And if you are looking for promotion of your books, compare the companies’ Alexa Ranking, among other variables, before you make a decision!

The Wrote:
“The first thing you need to know about Alexa, that like a golf score, a lower number is…

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