Planned Parenthood abortionists ask to murder babies

Now in Florida, Planned Parenthood asks for the ‘right’ to murder babies.

And, the Planned Parenthood Lawyer gave ‘kudos’ to the legislator who ‘gave them the wording they were looking for.’

Crazy is as crazy does.


Washington Post.

Weekly Standard.

What do you think? Is killing a breathing baby murder?



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11 Responses to Planned Parenthood abortionists ask to murder babies

  1. tildeb says:

    The link to therapuetic abortion didn’t work. It is:

    and lists all kinds of medical diagnoses that require the termination of pregnancy before fetal viability in order to preserve maternal health.

  2. tildeb says:

    And when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Wayne?

    • Wayne says:

      The day you murdered her?

      Thank you for your confession, would you like a needle now or later?


      Good try, but bad logic doesn’t work, nor does bad logic cover over what Planned Parenthood is doing.


      • tildeb says:

        murder: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
        Human being: A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens
        Child: a person between birth and full growth.
        abortion: termination of a human pregnancy.
        therapeutic abortion: read about it here.

        To call an abortion ‘murder’ is an intentional misrepresentation known in logical fallacies as a leading assertion. You presume the conclusion. When you mention bad logic, look to yourself as someone who practices exactly this.

        There are all kind of compelling medical and legal reasons for providing abortion services as an essential part of comprehensive health care. I know you don;t care about any of this. Only those who worship fetuses at the expense of autonomous adult women and their legal and medical welfare make such leading claims as you do in this issue. And it is ripe throughout the anti-choice movement.

        Perhaps a poem about choice outside of medical reasons will help you come to terms with your anti-woman logic you display so proudly and wish to impose on everyone by abusing the law:

        Jennifer, Jennifer, got herself pregnant,
        The poor, irresponsible slut.
        See, boys will be boys, so it’s up to the girls
        To be moral, and keep their legs shut.
        But Jennifer, Jennifer, couldn’t be bothered;
        She led her young Billy astray.
        They met, after classes, at Jennifer’s house,
        And now there’s a kid on the way.

        Jennifer, Jennifer, wants an abortion—
        She says she’s too young for a baby—
        But the law of the land says abortion is murder;
        The answer is no, and not maybe.
        See, murder is murder; we cannot condone
        The destruction of innocent life.
        And Billy, of course, is an innocent, too,
        And he’s much, much too young for a wife.

        So Jennifer, Jennifer, finds herself caught
        In the view of a watchful Big Brother,
        And Country and Church have a task on their hands—
        How to keep the babe safe from its mother.
        If murder is murder, for fetus or child,
        Then surely assault is assault;
        A fetus is damaged by drinking or smoking,
        And all of it, Jennifer’s fault.

        If Jennifer, Jennifer, falls down the stairs
        Then the baby inside could be harmed;
        And since that poor child is a ward of the state
        It is right we should all be alarmed!
        So Jennifer, Jennifer, needs to be safe
        For the sake of the babe in her womb;
        To keep the poor innocent safe from all harm,
        Let’s keep Jennifer locked in her room.

        But Jennifer, Jennifer, isn’t the first
        Nor the last to be pregnant, you see.
        The task that’s before us—protecting our children—
        Is crucial, I think you’ll agree.
        With the passing to law of my modest proposal,
        I honestly think we’ll prevail.
        It’s simple: Each woman who finds herself pregnant
        Must spend the next nine months in jail.

        Jennifer, Jennifer, shielded from harm
        In a cell with a toilet and cot
        With a closed-circuit camera, an unblinking eye,
        For the safety of Jennifer’s tot.
        When at last you deliver your new baby boy
        We’ll whisk you right out through the door;
        We care about kids while they’re inside your womb—
        Once they’re out, we don’t care any more.

        And Jennifer, Jennifer, can’t find her Billy—
        Besides, he’s too young for a wife—
        She weighs her alternatives, looks down each road…
        And reluctantly takes her own life.

        And the church says a prayer for the baby unborn
        And a heartfelt and tearful farewell.
        But Jennifer, Jennifer, so says the church,
        Will be heading directly to hell.

      • Wayne says:

        I guess you did not watch the woman’s statements?

        Callous disregard for human life is not part of my plan.

        But, it seems to be part of your plan.

        We are different.


  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    There will come a day of days, when murderers of fetuses will stand tall before Almighty God and give account for their actions. Mark my words.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for the re-blog and the comment!


      • Brittius says:

        You’re welcome.
        Over the years, since 1972, I have always wondered why, with all of the US taxpayer studies conducted, of every moot and degenerate question imaginable, studies and research, for nonsense like prostitution in China or urging Mexican male prostitutes to wear condoms, and similar topics, nothing is tasked to answering one single solitary question I have posed over decades: Do fetuses feel pain, while they are being murdered?

      • Wayne says:


        I think they do.


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