I hear people talking about the problems in our justice system, specifically blacks are ‘over represented,’ and that is the result of prejudice.

Why? Why are the people making that statement? What if they are actually prejudiced against blacks?

Let US look at four things: First, single-parent families instead of traditional families lead to crime; second, welfare leads to single-parent families; next, fixing the problem is as simple as fixing the welfare induced single-parent plaque in America; and last, racists chose to destroy Black families and destroy the children.

People from fatherless homes are about 6 times more likely to go to jail.

Report 1.

Report 2.

Six times more likely to commit crime and go to jail. 90% of our Black children grow up in single-mother households.



Second, welfare requires a woman to give herself over and over to different men in order to get a little money in return to pay for having children.

Before the breakdown of the nuclear Black families, blacks had a divorce rate about the same as white families. About 10%.

Next, fix the problem. Quit paying girls to have babies. Quit allowing welfare to destroy families. Remove the incentives for bad behavior.

Last, place the blame where it belongs.

The historic prejudice of the progressive movement must be called out. We must call the racists what they are – haters. They hate people of color, and the economic devastation they have done to the Blacks in America is just one example.

Will you help fix the problem?

Will you vote for politicians who are pro-family?



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