Should you worry about abortion?


I do not blog on abortion often.


Because of the political fire-storm around the topic. I get comments like, “You are a man you have no opinion.”

Yes, I have an opinion, and yes, I have a right to that opinion, even if I say that opinion in public.

But, the blog I re-blogged by Matt Walsh made me think.

And some of your comments made me think.

56 million Americans were aborted.

But, people get angry about 10 million illegal Mexicans. And people import 10 million (mostly) illegal Muslims. Yet, because of abortion our workforce was short over 30 million workers, so starting under President Clinton we outsourced jobs to Asia. And the tax money as well as income ….

But, I noticed two things about the plague we call abortion.

For every single American killed in the terrible Vietnam War, One Thousand Americans have been aborted. 1,000 to 1. If Vietnam was evil and deserved our public condemnation, and it was evil and did deserver our condemnation (*), then where is our indignation and outcry?

And I promised a second.

The world has aborted more than the population of China.

One in five have been aborted world-wide.

Most of those were girls. So much for feminism protecting girls, don’t you agree?

I got the number of abortions from here: World Abortion Clock.

The abortion deaths are more than all the wars in the last century. More than the plagues in the last century. How do we slow down the slaughter?

We are asked to give money to help the little children around the world, as their feminist agenda quickly kills off the little children of the world.

Should we change?

Can we slow down the slaughter?

What do you think?

(*) the politic of the Democrats behind the Vietnam War, not the soldiers who were sent, was evil.


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