John Beale, Felon, Highest paid in EPA


Why does our progressive infrastructure attract so many crooks? Is it just the big money? Or, is it the culture and the big money?

What do you think?


Rick Moran writes of the saga of John Beale, phony CIA man.

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2 Responses to John Beale, Felon, Highest paid in EPA

  1. tadchem says:

    In circumstances like this I use Heinlein’s observation: “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”
    Any social structure that empowers a person to any degree – be it the Federal Government or a Homeowner’s Association – will attract those who feel *other* people should be controlled, and that *they* are the only ones qualified and competent to do the controlling.
    Why would someone spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get elected to an office that only pays a few hundred thousand dollars? (rhetorical question)
    In short, the money may be nice, but the attraction lies on the power.

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