Snowden is behind the Second Crimean War


This is my first article on this topic. I will produce an intelligence analysis soon.

But, this is enough.

Over the last 5 years, VP Biden and President Obama have pushed the CIA and USAID alliance to overthrow bad government after bad government.

I blogged about this before. Specifically, the war we started in Egypt. This post has a good overview. And it has a link to another post I wrote. That post (“Why is Obama starting wars?”) has the link to the money.

Under Obama the spike in ‘democracy spending’ has almost doubled, no ‘democracy spending’ did not double, welfare spending doubled.

In the US, Obama is cutting military spending, but he almost doubles the money to start wars, and he doubles the money to people not working.

But, he cuts the money to the military who will have to put his wars out? Why would he increase money to start wars, but decrease money to those who will have to fight to stop those wars?

I hope that was enough about all the money they have spent to start wars to put in ‘democratically elected governments,’ now back to what this post is about ….

So, why did the Russians all of a sudden quit playing nice with the west and US in particular? What happened about a year ago?


And not just him. But, what he gave the Russians.

If we are spending several hundred million dollars a year to overthrow bad governments around the world, wouldn’t it make sense that we have a list of countries we would like to overthrow?

Countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria? And why not


What else would have driven the President of Russia who has worked politically with the US government since 1999. Why would he wait almost 15 years to invade Ukraine?

Doesn’t it make sense that something triggered his decision?

I think President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev were on a US sponsored list of leaders to be overthrown ….

What do you think?


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3 Responses to Snowden is behind the Second Crimean War

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  2. satanicviews says:

    It has always been the aim of the USA to return Russia to the chaotic era of the 1990’s when rampant capitalism raped the Russian people of all their assets and created thousands of instant billionaires known as oligarchs. Putin is a strong leader who has given Russia stability, he also knows Obama is weak and thus is less inhibited in rebuilding a lost Russian empire.

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