New survey on science and religion


This is an interesting blog post. It was about a survey on beliefs in America about science and religion.

Ironically, the comments became about over population and the need to reduce population, even if by war.

Oh the things we read.


Why Evolution Is True

In May of this year the Center for Public Policy of Virginia Commonwealth University, collaborating with VCU Life Sciences, commissioned a telephone poll of 1001 American adults, asking for their views on science and scientific issues (global warming, evolution, stem-cell research, etc.).  They also partitioned out people’s answers by age, education, and religiosity. The survey, conducted by Princeton Data Source, was selected to be demographically representative of Americans, and is claimed to have a 95% confidence interval of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points. You can download the survey results here.

Since the document is 59 pages long, I won’t go into detail about the results, but want to highlight a few items dealing with evolution.

First, what’s the state of American “belief” in evolution?

Which of these statements comes closest to your views on the origin of biological life: biological life developed over time from simple substances, but…

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