Astrophysicists proven totally wrong again


I love it when we are told, “This means you have to accept our current understanding of …. which is based on evidence we have accrued from reality.”

Sadly, we cannot enjoy the experience of discovery, because some are so busy trying to make us believe in a fancy fiction …..

Oh well, here is reality again,

Prof Solomon said that what Messenger finds not only unlocks secrets about the innermost planet in our Solar System, but could also shed light on those of other planets.

The surprise that we received on making the first chemical measurements of Mercury was that none of the theories for how Mercury was assembled are correct,” he said.

“So we’re having to rewrite the books on how Mercury was assembled, and by implication how all the inner planets were assembled.

From the BBC.

Oh well, some century in the future, maybe what we are told we “have to accept” might be half right.

But, I won’t hold my breath, will you?



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