Evolution proves Creation true.


I wrote the first page of this series, and I will release the first page soon.

But first, why did I begin asking a question that gave me the answer, “Evolution proves Creation true?” Something has always bothered me about Evolution. And that something has driven me to believe that Evolution proves Creation true.

That evolution would happen by blind accident does not seem logical to me. So, the something that kept driving me crazy until I came to the answer, “Evolution proves Creation true,’ is the lack of ‘logic.’ I am driven crazy by the idea the Universe could accidentally happen, as if the Universe is the same as a car wreck on the way to the store.

In fairness, I will point out that some atheists are driven crazy by some theological arguments in the same way Evolution drove me crazy. There is an argument called ‘First Cause Argument.’ “What that does is go back through history saying, what came before you? Your parents? And before them?” It goes back until the argument says there could be nothing else, there had to be a first cause, and that first cause had to be God.

Most atheists will ask, “If something caused each new thing, then what caused God?” Just as the First Cause Argument drives most atheists crazy, because they believe something must have created God, Evolution drives me crazy because I don’t think the Universe was an accident.

By the way (BTW), the First Cause Argument only works well if you believe in God, or are completely open to the possibility of God. Otherwise, you will keep wondering ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg’ sort of thing about what came before God.

Over time, I struggled with the ‘accidental’ nature of evolution until I believed in the Biblical story of the 6 Days of Creation. Technically, I am a ‘Young Earth Creationist (YEC).’

But, I am comfortable with the Earth being 10 thousand years, 10 million years, or 4.8 billion years old.

What do you think?



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5 Responses to Evolution proves Creation true.

  1. archecotech says:

    Wayne, I had this plague me also when years ago my Anthropology professor attacked me because I was a Christian. It keep me up at nights. Struggling with sleeplessness I finally woke up in the middle of the night several weeks later and was compelled to read scripture. At the time I was a Mormon (another story for another time). For what ever reason I read Genesis, as God shared the process of how He created the Earth, I stopped and read it again. Then again after that I was shocked as to what I saw, it was logical order not random. This led me to realize that God even created evolution (not the evolution that man speaks about) but as He did it. Questions still came to my mind but I understood that God in his infinite wisdom had an answer. Now if you believe in miracles then this means that God can when he chooses to, can step in and do the miraculous this helped me understand that when He created Adam it was a miracle. He chose the time and place for this happen. Evolution is a invention of God that has been perverted by man. But it not a evolution as we think of it, because He did it not us. My point in sharing is this, God is not limited by time or space something that we as humans cannot comprehend. When i finally understood this the freedom that came was incredible.

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