Why did Russia invade Crimea and Ukraine?

First, you have to understand that in international intrigue, things are seldom what they seem.

Yes, the trigger was Russia responding to Western activists helping the Ukrainian Presidency change hands. But, even though ‘analysts’ will report that Putin was being loyal to Yanukovych, the truth is, no intelligent person remains loyal to a liability. And Yanukovych had become a liability to many, not just to Ukraine.

You need to follow the money trail to find the source of this problem. Money and pride are the root of this crisis.

Yes, some analysts are reporting Russia is at risk of a recession, it will not be a big recession. And the recession does not worry the Russian Government as much as the shortfall in tax revenue.

Shortfall in taxes? But, didn’t the G20 make a big deal about tracking down tax evaders and giving the tax money back to governments?

Well …. they did say something like that, you can read more here.

So what did the EU do to cost Russia money?

Well they bailed out their corrupt government banks using Russian money.

Cyprus crisis.

That cost Russians about $6 Billion. And the world was told that stealing from the Russians was OK, because the Russians were corrupt.

So, you steal $6 Billion dollars and blame the theft on the victims.

Not a very good idea.

Then Germany got rude. They began attacking Russia on behalf of gay rights activists in Germany.

And like the theft (tax) on Russians, the world was told that attacking Russia and Russians was a good thing.

Move forward a year ….

How could Russia get payback for the illegal taxation of Russians, and the continued insults against Russia.

Russia understands Ukraine. Most Ukrainians proudly called themselves ‘Russian’ just weeks ago.

Russia sees the capture of Crimea as a safe strike back at the Overlords of the west. And Putin knew there is little the west could do politically. And the West was willing to sell out Ukraine. Europe and the US had proven they were willing to sell out the Ukrainian people as they supported corrupt politicians in Ukraine.

And we see lots of political speech making, but nothing that could resolve the crisis politically, or militarily.

But, what about a business solution?

The west cannot outdo Russians politically, and probably not militarily. But, the west might bring a better business deal into play.

What do you think?

Can European powers still do better business than Russia can?



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5 Responses to Why did Russia invade Crimea and Ukraine?

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  2. Jonn says:

    Duplicate comment.

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  4. Hi,
    I beg your pardon, but Russia didn’t invade Crimea as there were only 16 000 troops dislocated there when the people of Crimea made a decision to part from Ukraine; Russia was allowed to have 25 000 troops in Crimea by the agreement with Ukraine.
    Russian troops never invaded the territory of Ukraine.
    In my opinion, it’s not money that matters in this situation.
    Brzezinski is a well-known Russophobe, but I agree with him on some points. I think that we are talking not just about a Eurasian empire as he stated in his “The Battle for Ukraine”; it’s about Russia as an independent country as their next target is the Russian Federation.
    That said Russia had no other options, business or no business.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you.

      As a former soldier, I know that the soldiers moved into Crimea considered their movement an invasion ….

      Great link. Brzezinski is an interesting man, and I agree that the movement was intended to strengthen the Russian Union.

      But, taking land from Kiev for Moscow is wrong.

      Unless Moscow wants to give Kiev back the land that belongs to the Kieven Rus?

      And maybe some land back to China and Japan?


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