Why are diplomats ignoring the problem in Russia?

I have noticed for 2 years now, western media and diplomats ignore what is really going on in Russia.

Western backed agitators are attacking Russian institutions.

When ‘PR’ invaded a church during services and started a profane rant and were arrested, western sources attacked Russian media, The Russian Orthodox Church, the Government, Putin, etc.

No one in the west tried to intervene and help Russia.

No one said that outrageous protests and violence were wrong.

When Russia passed a pro family law to protect families from foreign agitators trying to change their culture into a gay friendly culture, western media and politicians attacked Russia.

When violent demonstrators boarded a Russian drilling platform, what did we do?

The list would go on, but this short list should be sufficient. WE have alienated the Russian people, but we expect they will behave nice when we ask them to.

That is a CRAZY method of making friends and influencing people. Don’t you agree?

Did Russia demand the US behave and treat the Tea Party nicely? When our government IRS attacked the Tea Party?

And that list would go on.

We need a ‘reset,’ the very ‘reset’ that was promised to the Russian government and their people.

I think the reset might be too late to help with this crisis.

What do you think?



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2 Responses to Why are diplomats ignoring the problem in Russia?

  1. peteybee says:

    I believe I have said this before…. but this crisis is a fine demonstration of hypocrisy by the powers that be.

    I am adding a new rule to my collection of analytical tools (such as: the lips-moving test of a politician’s honesty). This one is as follows. If a government figure is speaking with a flag in the background — check everything he says. Chances are he is trying his or her damndest to mislead the audience.

    But now I think its time to wrap it up. We have given these clowns enough attention. Time to move on.

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