Does anyone really know what is happening in Ukraine?

OK, I am tired. And I have read, and listened to, way too much news.

And all I get is the same run around.

I wonder if anyone knows what is really going on in Crimea or Ukraine.

Having said that.

Putin has made a much stronger showing as President of Russia than President Obama and his team have.

Strength does not make right, but it often determines who wins.

I read news on Stop Fake . org, it is Ukraine’s new ‘Snopes.’ and Kyiv Post.

And I watched CNN earlier.

One thing I would like to point out, there is propaganda on both sides. That makes it difficult to determine what is true or not.

Having said that, the West is busy depicting Putin as another Hitler – which is a stupid claim, unless you want to go to war. Because if his intentions are Hitlerian, than war is the direction we are going.

And Russia is busy demonizing the ‘Opposition Movement’ in Ukraine. Some of them are crooked. But, many of them are sincere and want a free Ukraine.

So, I am still where I was 2 months ago.

Ukrainians want freedom. And if the West and Russia can relax long enough, Ukraine may become the new home of freedom.

What do you think?



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One Response to Does anyone really know what is happening in Ukraine?

  1. I wish the media and our politicians were asking themselves the excellent questions you have in this article. So many are acting like they alone know the truth, without enough evidence beyond opinions based on historical bias, and hunches. The Hitler analogies seem clearly illogical, no matter who is making them. Hitler was an insane dictator, a rare occurrence. Aside from maybe Idi Amin, none of the various others being compared to him are really “like Hitler”.

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