As Ukraine heats up, do we blame, or do we fix?

Fellow internet sojourners,

As Ukraine heats up, do we blame, or do we fix the problems there?

Ron Paul talks about US backing regime change in Ukraine.

Kiev Post reports Secry of State Kerry threatening Russia.

OK, Russia says we are behind the unrest, the US administration claims Russia is the problem.

Can we get past the blame games and get to an ‘end game?’ What is our objective?

If we want a free Ukraine, we need to act seriously and quickly.

Ukraine is in trouble.

Financially, Ukraine can make it through this. But, the unrest will quickly erode their capital investments. It will make their economy a target for takeover, from within and without.

I think we need to first:

Set down with Russia, the EU, and the US and decide how we can all act in a positive manner regarding Ukraine.

Second, the three groups need to be public about their intent. And negotiate publicly with Ukrainian officials to help their country move forward.

What do you think should be third?


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6 Responses to As Ukraine heats up, do we blame, or do we fix?

  1. peteybee says:

    I don’t personally, and I too pray it does not go that way.

    My take on this, and many previous conflicts which our country has been a cheerleaders for, is that we should open our eyes to the way our government conducts foreign policy.

    They’re not immoral, they’re just amoral. As a group at least, I’m sure it’s mostly good people if you interact with them one on one. Anyhow, countries and their populations are just chess pieces. Just as a businessman is judged almost purely by how much is in the bank at the end of the day, a statesman or woman, or a diplomat, is judged by how they are able to advance the interests of their country.

    If we don’t like the consequences of this system (I don’t!), then we have to get used to looking it in the face and helping others do the same.

    And I realize that other country’s are exactly the same or worse, but the US is in the unique position of being the most powerful — so we lead and others follow, whether we like it or not. We also have a functioning democracy, despite its dysfunctions, and if there is ever to be genuine international “rule of law”, it is on us to rewire the machinery of our government’s foreign policy to make it so.

    Anyway all the best!

  2. peteybee says:

    not our backyard. not our business.
    It would be like if Russia decided to start funding one of the sides in a conflict in Mexico.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      The difference is, the US has admitted we have been involved. So, now that we have gotten regime change, what will we do to help the new regime?

      Or, do we want war to break out?


      • peteybee says:

        Interesting question… If I were purely cynical, or if I had a very low opinion of the US foreign policy apparatus’s moral values, I may think this:

        I may think that on a purely cold, mean, calculating-bastard level, it is in our strategic interest for war to break out. After all, both the EU and Russia are strategic rivals, and a war right on their border would drive a wedge between them and flood them both with refugees, and give our special ops forces a chance to practice blowing stuff up.

      • Wayne says:


        Sounds like you might know some of our State Department operatives.

        Well, I pray it doesn’t go that way.

        I hope you will pray with me for US.


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