Somali Pirate Brought to US for Civilian Trial Now Seeking Asylum Here – And Will Likely Get It

Welcome to the ‘new’ America. The elite want US to leave.


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piratesI wonder where the nearest welfare office is…and the closet brothel that takes SNAP!

Not my favorite source but since National Review is one of the few outlets writing about this, I’ll use it. Any port in a storm.  Apparently, a somali pirate brought here by Eric Holder for a civilian trial is now applying for asylum in the US.

“The story begins with the 2011 arrest of Ali Mohamed Ali, who took part in the pirate attack on a Danish vessel, the CEC Future, off the northern coast of Somalia three years earlier. Ali acted as a translator for the pirates and communicated their demands to the vessel’s owner, Clipper Group. After two months of holding the ship and its crew of 13 captive, the pirates eventually released them in exchange for a ransom of $1.7 million. The ransom payment was dropped onto the vessel by helicopter. As part…

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