Another project I work on is Evolution.

Micro versus Macro Evolution.

One problem with Evolution I mentioned in previous comments is Micro-Evolution does not explain Macro-Evolution. Micro being the small changes we see between different dog breeds. Macro is change into a new and different species and might be a dog changing into a cat.

Let me point out, I know of no Scientists who are certain the process of Micro-Evolution proves Macro-Evolution. You will read people argue that Evolution must be true. But then they will say things like maybe, possibly, probably, etc.

I have heard Richard Dawkins (retired Oxford professor) admit he cannot be absolutely certain. I think he replied, “Of course not. No one can.”

Micro-Evolution is the change we see in breeds.

This is not the same as the GMO (genetically modified organisms) resulting from lab experimentation. You will read and hear people claim that this is the same, but it is far removed.

Except for laboratory experimentation, we have no changes of any species which we could call change towards another species. And these lab experiments are dismal failures. Unless you consider freak shows to be success.

Without change from one species to the next, Evolution as a Theory is only a story.

But, I believe people will overcome speciation through cloning.

What do you think?



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