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100% Effective Against Recidivism

Ukrainians are very simple people. If we did this in the US, the government elite would be very angry at US. Wayne Luvsiesous.com

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Korean SWAT team training

Friends, May this is only a good Public Relations video. But, it is good. South Korean SWAT team training video. Which of the maneuvers was your favorite? Wayne

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Sandstone pipes and Evolution

Friends, If you have read the comments posted on some of my blog posts, you know some people consider Evolution to only be about biological change. Unfortunately for them, Evolution must explain much more than just biological change. And one … Continue reading

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Friends, Another project I work on is Evolution. Micro versus Macro Evolution. One problem with Evolution I mentioned in previous comments is Micro-Evolution does not explain Macro-Evolution. Micro being the small changes we see between different dog breeds. Macro is … Continue reading


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272 Days

Friends, I hope you are enjoying reading our story as much as I am enjoying writing it. I am working our next scene. The characters need to eat, so this next scene involves food. And conversation about their lives back … Continue reading

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