Is Alaska today America tomorrow?


CNN has been doing expose articles on Alaska’s terrible crime rate.

CNN Article.

We need to fix Alaska.

But, with the violent offender rates rising in America, we should ask, “Is Alaska today America tomorrow?” Are we looking at the future of America?

Is violence everywhere and rape everywhere what we will have in a few years?

The break down of family values in America has been rapid, and disastrous. Even the Civil War did not break down families this badly. And families recovered from that trauma rather quickly.

BUT, will America survive this wave of terror? How do we turn America around before it is too late?

What would you do?

Where would you start?

Hollywood? Alaska? Washington? Or, at home?



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2 Responses to Is Alaska today America tomorrow?

  1. Alaska’s waaay out there, geographically, climatically, and politically. It’s a frontier, a land where it requires rugged people to survive. It’s got few towns. Civilization is a distant concept. As such, it is America;s past, not it’s future. In many ways they still act like it’s the gold rush days there.
    (Yes, I’ve been there.)

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      I have been there as well. And while civilization is distant, I still fear US following them into lack of civilization.


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