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Blog Hop: My Writing

Originally posted on conniesrandomthoughts:
What’s a blog hop you ask? It’s a journey for the reader from blog to blog. As the reader, you get to see what other authors are writing. For us authors, it’s a chance to talk…

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Is Alaska today America tomorrow?

Friends, CNN has been doing expose articles on Alaska’s terrible crime rate. CNN Article. We need to fix Alaska. But, with the violent offender rates rising in America, we should ask, “Is Alaska today America tomorrow?” Are we looking at … Continue reading


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Perfect chicken broth

OK, I hope my friends enjoy this. But this is really for me. 🙂 I love food, and therefore I love cooking. And since I live a lot of my time in Ukraine, I need a place for those basic … Continue reading

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Human Fossil results in controversy.

OK, I do not understand the ‘controversy.’ But, BBC wrote that this fossil is causing controversy. It looks like it could be a skull from a modern human almost as easily as from an ancient human. But, I think evolutionary … Continue reading

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Are these really the oldest footprints?

Friends, You have to love ‘scientists’ who work in Evolution. BBC reports the oldest fossilized human footprints. The washed out foot prints in the Paluxy River Bottom have caused controversy for decades. And ironically, some looked better than those shown … Continue reading

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