Boycotts and the Sochi Olympics


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While I understand the gay agenda has ‘redefined’ the Russian legislation, the Russian legislation is actually pro children, not anti gay.

They are Slavic, and Slavic people view life differently. So, they took a different direction to handle the gay agenda, and they chose to let adults decide about their sexuality, but not force children to become pawns of anyone’s agenda.


I think their direction is much better for them than the western direction would be. And it may be better for US as well, but we have too many activists making certain our children are exposed early, and continuously to sex.

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The Sports Ethicist

The Winter Olympics start February 6. I love the Olympics, both the summer and winter games offer excitement and inspiration. I learn about new sports and see athletes perform feats I never dreamed possible. The games are beautiful and fun. They give us a space to see heroes and achievements from all walks of life and from all over the globe.

But as my friend Craig and I discussed on The Sports Ethicist Podcast a few weeks ago, the Olympics always seem to come with controversy. These Sochi Olympics are no different. There are many controversies surrounding these winter games: security concerns, preparation worries, cost overruns. One of the biggest controversies, though, is the increasing legal discrimination and persecution of gays and lesbians in Russia. In the run up to the games, Russia has signed into law many restrictions against homosexuals and homosexuality: including prohibitions on adoption and even on…

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