Top U.S. diplomat launches f-bomb on EU in leaked recorded conversation


The more I live in Ukraine, and the more I write about the freedom movement, the more western ‘diplomats’ scare me. Why are ‘diplomats’ working against the will of the people? What do they expect to gain? Why aren’t they working for a peace deal?

What do you think?


CNN Security Clearance

By Elise Labott

A leaked audio recording of a phone call allegedly catches the top U.S. diplomat to Europe working on a behind-the-scenes deal to end the Ukrainian political turmoil, and using profanity to express strong frustrations with inaction and indecision by the European Union in resolving the crisis.

In the conversation, voices closely resembling those of Assistant Secretary for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt discuss a plan to broker a deal between the Ukrainian government and the opposition.

At one point the woman, who sounds like Nuland, can be heard saying “f**k the EU.”

The recording was uploaded on YouTube on February 4 by an anonymous user named “Maidan Puppets,” and had been viewed more than 11,000 times as of Thursday. The name of the user appears to be a reference to Maidan Square in Kiev, where protestors have fought the government and…

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One Response to Top U.S. diplomat launches f-bomb on EU in leaked recorded conversation

  1. Roxana Dude says:

    As you can see on my blog, I think that the situation is trickier than what it appears to be. That Ms Nuland committed a gaffe is beyond doubt but the EU diplomatic service is well aware of the fact that the leaked telephone conversation has the potential – and the intent – to drive a wedge between allies. So I think they’re working with that idea in mind, and not ALL foreign diplomats are hell-bent on disregarding the Ukrainian people’s wishes. This is about them, after all; the EU and Lady Ashton have offered to mediate to the best of their abilities but I don’t think they’re that fond of actually imposing a solution cooked up by outsiders.
    Granted, it doesn’t mean that Ms Nuland’s insult stings any less, mind you. 🙂

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