There is too much corruption in Europe.


As Europe and America push Ukraine away from Russia, our media is always discussing corruption in the Former Soviet Union.

Now, the BBC admits european corruption is ‘breathtaking.’

Nice way to say it is out of control.

What can we do about all of the corruption? Or are we stuck with it?


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11 Responses to There is too much corruption in Europe.

  1. Roxana Dude says:

    No, i haven’t, I’d be grateful for the link. Thanks!

  2. Roxana Dude says:

    In all fairness, most of the member states where respondents have admitted, in high numbers, that they are affected by corruption in their daily life, are either eastern or southern. Now, as an Eastern European myself, I can vouch for the fact that bribery is a practice that goes beyond the communist times and can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries. It is related to rampant bureaucracy and red tape, and attempts to cut through these at whatever cost. Admittedly, it isn’t easy to shake off and, while there have been advances, it will still take quite a lot of time. And I’m not even sure it can be completely eradicated; human nature, after all, it’s fallible. It’s good that we keep an eye on it and that studies do continue to draw the public eye to the issue.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your comment.

      Yes, I think bribing to get things done is common in the Former Soviet countries (slavic countries). But, I do not see it much different than ‘tipping’ is in the USA …. That does NOT mean I think it is good, or proper. But, one of the problems I notice is that westerners are quick to call a kettle black, when we are not much cleaner.

      Do I make since?

      And yes, many Americans fled all of that ‘red-tape’ over the last 100 years …. and many of my friends are proud of their heritage, but not proud of the endemic problems in slavic countries.

      Where was your family from?

      Thank you again.


      • Roxana Dude says:

        Thanks for your reply, Wayne. I’m originally from Romania although, whenever people ask, I tend to reply “I’m European”, probably because I feel an affiliation with other states and cultures as well, while there are some Romanian values and quirks that I do not share. Living abroad for years also helps. 🙂
        As to the “pot-and-kettle” issue: too true, alas. While corruption seems to be more common in certain member states (a perception hyped by the media to a certain extent as well), it is by no means altogether absent from Western countries either. Suffice it to take a look at the map included in your article. Not even UK, while boasting low numbers, can’t claim to be entirely corruption-free: “In the UK only five people out of 1,115 – less than 1% – said they had been expected to pay a bribe.” The media hype might in this case explain clashing results such as this: “But 64% of British respondents said they believed corruption to be widespread in the UK […]” It seems people are prepared to think the worst, after all.

      • Wayne says:

        So true!

        Have you read my friend Eda’s poetry? She write’s in Romanian, and even the Google translations sound beautiful.


  3. If corruption in Europe is breathtaking what is corruption in turkey, russia and china to name a few?

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your great question.

      Since the European and American powers support and encourage the widespread corruption, I think the examples you mention show we have let too many corrupt politicians rule around the world, and at home.

      Was that what you expected me to write? And are we close to agreement?

      Thank you,


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