9 U.S. States With Anti-Gay Laws That Aren’t That Different From Russia’s


I have blogged on this many times.

Remember, if you do not agree with the elite, the progressives, will not TOLERATE your ‘intolerance.’

Ironically, the progressives tolerate the millions of children raped by homosexually oriented predators ….


Stop Making Sense

From Think Progress:

This map from GLSEN notes 8 of the states, but omits North Carolina's "pro-heterosexuality" law. The reference to prohibiting enumeration refers to state laws that disallow the implementation of bullying policies that specify (enumerate) protections for LGBT students.

With the Olympics starting in Sochi, Russia at the end of this week, much attention has been paid to Russia’s anti-gay laws, including a law banning “gay propaganda,” which could be construed to mean any public display or support of homosexuality. Back in the United States, nine states impose limitations on how educators can talk about homosexuality in ways that mirror Russia’s law. Here’s a look at how sex education courses are still propagating anti-gay stigma because of “No Promo Homo” laws.


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